Never Sleep!

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     In today’s world, the mantra is Diet & exercise, but wait there is one thing far more important than diet & fitness,that’s sleep, our society is becoming more & more
sleep deprived nowadays.

     Just by looking at people’s faces we know the fact, let me tell you depriving oneself from sleep may give you temporary satisfaction like finishing a task within the allotted deadline or securing good marks in the tests, but if you look in terms of long term harm that the sleep deprivation gets to you, I would say its not just harmful but may destroy your life completely.

     Obviously the more sleep deprived one is┬áthe more he/she is prone to type II Diabetes,obesity & many more health disorders┬ábut it will also makes you weak mentally like confusion, anxiety & break a good relationship. Most of the ghastly automobile accidents occurring around is more due sleep deprivation while compared to consumption of alcohol, since many of the victims die on spot we are unable to know the exact reason.

     So today onwards do yourself one favor give your body & mind the ample amount of sleep.

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