Age of Cloud Computing

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     Today I just thought of explaining Cloud Computing in simple terms so that a non-professional can also understand, what’s the fuss all about.        In earlier day’s any software used to come in compact disks, which we have to buy … Continued

The things we Control

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     Great transformation has been done in the corporate sectors, work environment have become more different & changing drastically in recent years than in any previous times.            As shown in the video above offices have become awesome, … Continued

How to become a Blogger

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     I have been off lately without posting anything on my blog. The whole reason is I needed a restart, we all travel in our lives through phases in which we feel we’re stuck & new ideas stop coming to us. … Continued

5 tips to increase your productivity

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     Productivity or Creativity is more in demand now than ever. if you look at technological side, things are changing rapidly. Gadgets are becoming obsolete earlier than people use it! For example a gadget called ‘Pager’ was widely used in my … Continued

Belly to battery

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     Older people from my region say in their times while travelling in automobiles to distant cities they used to see greenery on both sides of the road, now all they see is lots of buildings, barren-lands & lots of pollution. … Continued

Never Sleep!

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     In today’s world, the mantra is Diet & exercise, but wait there is one thing far more important than diet & fitness,that’s sleep, our society is becoming more & more sleep deprived nowadays.      Just by looking at people’s faces we … Continued

Why a Blog ?

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     Today people are going more & more online &  connecting with almost anyone is getting easier!      In such times a blog can be a great tool in helping one to reach not one or two but the millions out there. … Continued