Belly to battery

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     Older people from my region say in their times while travelling in automobiles to distant cities they used to see greenery on both sides of the road, now all they see is lots of buildings, barren-lands & lots of pollution.

     Its true in 1900’s our region was full of farmers & agriculturist people, around 90% of the general population was agriculturists in one way or the other. Today’s scenario is less than 10% are farmers! and 90% people are running behind ‘blue collar/white collar’ jobs.

     There is no sense in generating prime no.s in a computer & consume poison(Fast food or whatever vegetables people eat). I am not saying that everyone should become a farmers(in fact everyone should!) but whatever you are doing in a closed box(offices, builings etc.) is not going to be permanent, automation & bots will replace almost all good jobs one day!

     So, cubicle dwellers get out of your hell & get closer to nature. We don’t need trekkers we need farmers. The other day I was listening to conversation with a famous farmer(forgot his name) on radio, he says its already time everyone become agricuturists otherwise this whole generation is gonna doom.

     He was also saying today’s generation are hesitant to get dirty in mud, all they want is facilities & luxury! Believe me the field of agriculture has changed a lot since our ancestors used to farm. Today there are lots of equipments & tools which will make agriculture more easier than olden days.

     While charging Laptops, cellphones one used think if our belly was also a battery so that all we would need is an extra piece of cord & charger, that’s not gonna happen & that’s a good thing.

     Begin with planting at least one seed in a year, doesn’t matter which plant you’re planting!

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