How to become a Blogger

How to become a Blogger

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     I have been off lately without posting anything on my blog. The whole reason is I needed a restart, we all travel in our lives through phases in which we feel we’re stuck & new ideas stop coming to us. That may be reason behind this long gap!

     Enough of my rants! Let’s focus to the title of this post ‘How to become a Blogger’. Before focussing on ‘How To’s the right question to ask will be why becoming a blogger on the first place ?

     What is your BIG WHY? if you ask me, the reason I blog is in short 3 words is ‘I LIKE IT’, my passion may sound nothing to you but it resonates with me! That’s why I do this.

     But always remember this the bigger your why is the bigger your drive will be. The answer of WHY plainly means what you believe in. We all do believe in something, but for the majority of us they even don’t even know what it is!

     Do you know the meaning of the word ‘Think’ ?
Let me put it this way- Do you know kangaroos ?
Female kangaroos have a small pouch in their body in which carry their little ones from one place to another. In similar fashion we humans also can carry things from one place to another.

     A trait that distinguishes us from Kangaroos or animals is we can also carry & recall our past more perfectly than animals.We not only recall but can analyze interpret & come to a conclusion of a thought.

     In our case the pouch is our brain in which we may hatch new ideas, nourish it & bring it into existence. The brainstorming process for this is called thinking.

     Look how differently I interpreted & explained the word ‘Think’. The thing is most of us don’t do anything is because we prefer to sit idle or indulge in unproductive activities while we are in a happy mood & we work only under pressure, in other words we all are lousy in taking action.

     We do take bath, brush our teeth everyday, isn’t it?
The philosophy behind blogging is not to invent a new thing & present to  audience everyday. There is already google doing that job.Its more about giving a an initial push to people, motivate or shout out what’s in your mind.

     If you never knew ‘How to blog’ just log into gmail a/c & go to & start blogging. Don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comments. Happy blogging.

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