4 proverbs which are not true anymore(in Today’s scenario)

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Many things that were perceived of high importance in olden days have either disappeared or no one cares about them in today’s world.I have just tried to list 4 proverbs which I think aren’t true anymore!

1) Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is not Power, by the intervention of Google
and social Media you can avail & equip yourself with any knowledge required.

Many of the things which are taught & learnt in Universities has already been disappeared or has least value in real world, take for example taking a course on ‘Book Keeping’, physical book libraries will almost be like museums in the coming days!

Look at the job of becoming a Customer Care executive. Today almost all Customer Care’s have become Computerised & a bot answers your Calls!

New gadgets are coming out everyday & having a solid knowledge on obsolete gadgets has zero value.

2) Our attitude determine’s our altitude

Oh, really ? First of all atttiude is fake thing anyone
can have. Attitude is something we don’t have & pretend we have!

Let’s lay a piece of wooden plank on the ground & ask a girl to walk on it with a attitude of a princess. Of course any girl can do that!

Now let’s place that same wooden plank at an altitude 500 ft.s above the ground level ask the same girl to walk on it with a attitude of a princess. Will she able to walk ?

What happened to her Attitude ?
The fear of falling can keep anyone from even trying this feat!

3) Money is the root of all evil

This what the society, books, cinema, news everything keeps
bombarding our minds with. Just like electricity, water, money is also just one resource used by men. A poison can become a medicine in a doctor’s hand, & even a medicine can be made into poison by an evil minded person!

Its the thought running in the person’s mind who control the money determines good or evil.

4) Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer:

This is a Big one, do you still believe this ?

Well let’s go 100 years back the facilities like electric bulb, telephone, toilets, television & I can go on listing..All those facilities were only affordanble by the Rich, today almost everyone has a mobile phone, TV sets & almost all the facilities which only the rich used to enjoy!

Do you still think Poor got poorer!

What I am trying to emphasize with this post is “TIMES HAVE CHANGED”, a journey for which our ancestors used to take weeks & months to plan & accomplish is just a matter of booking in a Travel website, telegrams have became history & standards of living has improved ‘BIG TIME’.

Do you still believe in these old sayings ?, please let me know in your comments…

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